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Veto! - You can't say that!

4.0 ( 6720 ratings )
Juegos Entretenimiento Familiar Palabras
Desarrollador Rahul Manghnani

Veto! The game to save your parties is here!

The rules are simple: Divide yourselves into two teams, one candidate from the first team will use his phone to explain one word to his teammates without using the 5 Veto words. If he is successful, he must proceed to the next word. A member of the other team shoulders this grave responsibility next and the game continues until one team scores enough points to win!

This Veto game has the most amazing features.

1. Ability to create your own decks!
2. An MVP calculation so you know who was your teams best performer! (Buy him a pizza.)
3. Other cool statistics like the BOOGIE WORD and the Average seconds taken per word and what not.
4. A history of all words you faced in one round.
5. Multiple themed decks.
6. A record of all your games.

This version of Veto provides you the ultimate experience of the legendary game of wordplay. Say goodbye to boring weekends and dull parties!